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Any plans for realesing an artbook?

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I'm huge games artbook fan, especially if the game has unique or interesting aesthetics (like Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite and more). I think that the Outer Worlds has very appealing graphical design. It would be cool to get another book published eg. by Dark Horse in the form of very insightful artbook with tons of concept arts, showing how different gear, branded goods, areas, ships and other stuff with important characters developed to the final design. I like details from the graphical standpoint with some interesting bits of knowledge about inspirations. It's great if these type of books shows evolving concept arts and brings commentary from devvelopers.

I own both Pillars of Eternity Guidebooks, so I know that you did similar books (or rather any kind of books) before. I hope you can make another deal with Dark Horse or different publisher.


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