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see title - currently I feel there's no reason to use anything other than an assault rifle.

I really like different weapons and skills to reflect that, so I'd love to see some rebalancing, so I can start a second playthrough as pistol or shotgun guy.

If you're at it just revamp the whole weapon skill system :)

better yet, let Josh Sawyer do the balancing ūüėĄ



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Balance issues, yeah very true but I'm on my second play through and I didn't intentionally build a sniper but I've been having fun with it.  Melee I'd think would be unstoppable. I have it on hard this go around  with almost no points in that skill and am still able to kill grunts pretty easily. My thing, they have mines in the game already it'd be cool if we could use those or even a grenade or two. I went science heavy with my build and the shrinking gun is sort of odd, I just got it and I was using it on one of those queen lobsters whatever  they are called and it works...for about 1.5 seconds.  

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Well balance is an interesting concept for a single player game.  I agree the plasma rifle is powerful and will get you through the game if you choose to only use that, there is the option to use other weapons if you choose to though.  This reminds me of an old argument about Arcanum there where one or two builds that where very powerful combat wise but so many other ways to build if you chose to.  The argument about balance came up then too with a lot of people saying the game was boring or too easy because they only used a few builds considered to be the meta.  I would of liked to see the dialogue skills utilized more but I guess the marauders are suppose to be mindless humanoids for some reason.  There are a couple times in a play through where you can talk the battle into not happening or get someone on your side, but for the general engagement it does have a shoot them all focus.

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Upgrade the machine guns. Especially the 'Deadeye'. That's what I did. And they made me almost immortal.
I also use the Deadeye as a sniper. A quick tap on the mouse button will only shoot one projectile.

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