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Patch Notes for 2.65.00 for the Nintendo Switch

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Greetings, Watchers,

We are excited to inform you that Patch 2.65.00 for the Nintendo Switch version of Pillars of Eternity is now live. The next time you load the game on your Switch, you should see a 2.5GB update available for download. The Dev team at Grip Digital, and the QA teams brought on board to help with this patch would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while they worked hard to bring this update to you. We appreciate every single one of you and are excited to be able to deliver this patch.

In Patch 2.65.00, you will find the following changes:

Top Community Issues:

  • Grey screen visual corruption of the game. It should also repair the issue for the players that have already experienced this issue, not just for the new players.
  • Graphic corruption (HUD, UI) as related issue of grey screen.
  • Improved stability.

General Fixes:

  • Pathfinding in some areas was improved.
  • Icon corruption in inventory was fixed.
  • Game now generates autosave before loading screen.
  • Will-O'-Wisp in the Temple of Eothas flickering during the pause.
  • VFX that shows the outline of nearby objects.
  • Long tooltips in Cyclopedia were not scaled properly.
  • Stuck weapons under the feet after taking items from fallen companion.

Spells/Skills and Items Fixes:

  • Hatchets did not apply deflection bonus.
  • Weapon and Shield style did not apply bonus deflection or reflex bonuses.
  • Modal effects did not apply their bonuses.
  • Bonuses from in-game effects were not applied.
  • Fine/Exceptional/Superb enchants did not apply their bonuses.
  • "Afflictions" status effects were not applied.
  • Missile and Dart traps in Galvino's Workshop behavior was fixed.

Thank you for your continued support and for all of the feedback you have provided, we use your feedback to continue to improve the quality of the game. If you have any issues with the game, please contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey. Our team will be waiting to help assist you.


Obsidian Entertainment


As always, feel free to reach out (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. We enjoy reading everything that you share!

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