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Removing The Initial Company Title Screens as the Game Starts?

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I'd reckon there would be a way to disable/skip it for the benefit of game testers. If there is still a way to do so I haven't had much luck with figuring this out on my end. Tried the usual "-skipintro" at the end of launch options, but no joy.

Only references I can find in the modding documentation is an audio event called "CorporateLogoSkip". Which is likely just to do with fading the title screen music into the main menu music after the skip button is pressed. As well as a Maptype called "CompanyIntro". Of which there is only the one entry in worldmap.gamedatabundle, but I don't really see anything in there that refers to disabling it.

Looked through movies.unity3d and a few other .unity3d files in the assetbundles folder, but if it is there I can't see it.

So yeah I don't know if that is in anyway helpful, but maybe you or some else can see something in there that I am missing?

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