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The Outer Worlds - Don't Bite The Sun BUG FIXED !!

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Yo, I FIGURED OUT how to get around this particular bug !!!! Wooooo. 

Simply never use your companions, ever. Well at least until you finalize their quests. 

While on terra2, right after you get Parvati, make sure to force her to stay out of battle. Only do the quest of fixing the power. Also, go kill everything in the way npc wise before you get her. 

Then once done, put her on the ship and fly away. Go back to terra2 and leave her on the ship.

When you get to groundbreaker, take her out and run straight to the back to meet Junlei. Then put her back on the ship. NEVER BATTLE WITH HER.



#Sidenote I've never had the ladder bug because I watch for them all to be stationary.

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