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Okay I'm sure this will get some people to go 'get gud' in the comments, but I'd really like a way to sort of mix and match the difficulty -- or, you know, be able to save on SuperNova.  I'm a single mom. I still want a lot of the challenge. I want to have to eat, drink, sleep and plan encounters.  But I can't play a game I can't save.  Save play is one of the worst features you can put in a survival mode in my humble opinion.


Just my two cents on the issue.  I'd love to see a way to mix and match all of this, or a Super Nova mode where I can save.

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 You can cheese your way into saving in supernova by fast-traveling to The Unreliable, this creates an auto save point in the place you were, you'll just have to load it back again to continue. You'll have to endure some seconds of loading, but I think that's your best option.

  Also you always save between loading screens, so just hop inside such doors and load the save again. You don't have to get back to your ship to save. And I also believe the game creates a save file when you exit, but I can't confirm that.

 Saving limitations exists to make you think twice before facing some enemies, I have once come acoss two Mantiqueens and some Mantissaurs in the same group and I just left them alone and came back later after improving in gear and level. I did grown to like those limitations with time, they put the feeling of "I have a lot to lose risking that" into your heart.

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I'd also add that there is at least one mod available that leave in place the increased enemy difficulty, plus the Supernova requirements to eat, drink, and sleep, but restores the ability to sleep anywhere, fast-travel at will, keep your companions from dying permanently, and lets you save at will. (You can also mix and match which of these you want by modifying the override file provided.)

It's called the "Supernova Patch" over on Nexusmods.

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