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im playing with restrictions where i do not pick up unlocked loot and must buy water/food

ive had no problems with either from merchants and machines as they restock often and i sleep regularly

though, ive not played the entire game yet so i dont know about later game worlds

one thing i do is drink/eat right before battles as its a two-fer


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On 11/17/2019 at 4:38 PM, LaMOi said:

Any recommendations. The lack of water is almost game breaking on this mode! 

Vendors and vending machines. Sugary drinks in general satiate your thirst. You can also find water/sugary drinks laying in tables/shelves or inside containers.

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Any non-alcoholic beverage should quench your thirst but yes I do think that the player should have a water canteen of some sort to refill, but then again I don't think Obsidian was going for the "survivalist" type of game here.

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