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I was wondering if there is an option to have the third person view in this game?

I am rather confused about it since there is a character creation screen in the beginning of the game, but all you ever see of your character is when you visit the inventory?
Is there a way to use a third person view? I must have missed it if so? I can't find it under 'Settings'.

Thanks in advance,

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I hope they will never add this option, thank the developers for not being the default option. The view from the third person prevents you from empathizing with the game. Even adult movies I only watch POV (it's not a vulgar word so I think I can use it). The third person in the game where you shoot is a mockery, unless you buy a drone that flies behind you

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Third person can work but it has to be implemented correctly.  If you consider something like XCom it works well there, or even ESO can be used as an example I rarely use first person when I play it as I need the situational awareness third person provides.  I can still use a bow or stave with no problem in that system.

Anyway I think Obsidian has made it pretty clear TOW won't be getting third person.  Some clever person might be able to mod it in but I don't see the developers taking the time to implement it.  Maybe it will be in TOW 2 if they are motivated enough to make a second game, it seems to be something mentioned a lot.  If you make both views available you will be pleasing a vocal part of your fan base.

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