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Suggestion for future content: MORE EVIL OPTIONS

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I sent an email to the support team with this suggestion for future content, but I'll copy and paste a portion of it here and include additional thoughts for discussion.  Obviously guys have GREAT writers and game designers in general, though  I feel like a little more could have been done to slake our inner psychopaths. 😁  I hope this post will reflect on how weird your fans are.


Why not more options for an evil playthrough? For example, when at the power plant on Terra 2, how wicked would it be to choose to just shut off the power for both settlements have everyone after your head? OR, perhaps divert the power frivolously to an abandoned settlement that can’t support life but has a big secured vault that can only be hacked and opened when it’s powered. The vault would contain armor, weapons, bits, consumables, everything person needs to get an early boost to selfishly progress through the game and get the heck off that planet at the expense of screwing over EVERYBODY. It would be a softer equivalent to nuking Megaton in Fallout 3 — which I only mention because you worked on the Fallout series too. It would be great timing, too, since you’re done with that part of the map in terms of the main story anyway, so it wouldn’t have a negative impact on a persons playthrough.


Also, the gunship cannons on Monarch. MSI. Iconoclasts...why not keep those for yourself?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? SAM and Ada can help get those installed.  Maybe have that new addition go toward your total "intimidation" rating?  This can lead to new speech XP yielding speech checks, for example, in Felix's companion quest, "[Gunship] If we cross paths again, it'll end with you and your crew getting blown to pieces".  Maybe have a special attack that has Ada or SAM rain down fire on enemies over an area from the ship's armament.  Maybe an additional quest or two that unlocks after you choose that option?


That's my bit of Outer Worlds fan fiction for the day. 🤓

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Yeah, I'm in agreement, being a cruel bastard seems a bit limited in this game. I'll never forget that moment where I was siding with the board, and Felix started piping up about it. I passed an Intimidation check while talking to him, and he just goes "I ain't afraid of you, boss." 

I proceeded to shoot him right then and there in the middle of the ship kitchen aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it did nothing. Total blue balls. 
I get that they don't want you shooting your companions by mistake during combat, but did they really need to make them unkillable by the player outside of combat? If I wanna shoot mutineers in the face on my own damn ship, I should be able to!

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Honestly, I thought there were more than enough evil options in the game - and I didn't even choose to be evil or cruel most of the time. Maybe a bit sassy and sarcastic, but not too much evil.


Without going too much into detail, if you are looking to be evil just 'for evil sake' - meaning being evil for absolutely no reason - just kill everybody then. Nothing is stopping you really, just your ability to kill everyone.

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I’ve played a “shoot everyone in the face” playthrough recently. Although your deeds get acknowledged in the slideshow, there has to be a better way than that. Compared to the Fallout series (referenced because of New Vegas), where you could nuke an entire town, let a guy keep thinking that he’s a ghoul and/or help build rockets to space that you know will get them all killed, put exploding bomb collars on people to recruit them as slaves and send them off to their doom so that you can collect a fee, etc.


Sounds like the people above just don’t have the stomach for what I discussed, but to each their own 😏

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I don't really know if there is an evil choice  other then just shooting everyone in every zone.  I played both as someone who supported the corporations and one who opposed it.  When I played for the corporation it was from the stand point of someone who had faith in the board but was also very self focused.  So anything that would strengthen his position or help the board gain control is what choice he would make.  Most of my companions didn't like the choices but I didn't really consider him as evil just someone who willing got on to a transport ran by a board of corporations with the thought of helping to colonize worlds for them.  I was expecting a mission to take over or sabotage the ground breaker but it never came and I had their support on Tartarus for that last battle even though I did Glady's quest on Roseway bringing her back all the quest items from there.  The ending slide show was kind of disappointing as all the companions basically just left and you didn't seem to have any more contact even though I took the I am in charge now choice.

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