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absolutely absurd the lack of communication and updates concerning the console release of POE2. what the **** is going on? it’s been so long i’ve lost track. 


any updates? release date? news? footage? ****ing ANYTHING?

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It will arrive sooner or later.

But I feel your sadness and share it.

Somehow lost my hyped feelings for the port, but I am still waiting for it !!

I have red about a playable port at gamescom this year.




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I'll be seriously disappointed if Deadfire indeed releases on consoles this month. The marketing push has been minimal and is still shying away from sharing a period in which we may expect the game being out. We're hot off The Outer Worlds' release, it was a big success and has been strongly received by critics and users alike. All eyes are on Obsidian, and as such, now would seem the perfect time to ride the hype and promote another Obsidian game on consoles. As things are right now, if it does come out two weeks from now I feel it'll yet again fly under the radar, as Deadfire has in its original release.

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36 minutes ago, Dyxx said:

XO19 ?

some london thing (i've never heard of it before, I only know because I pestered OBS again about my ultimate run and schin gave me his schedule for the next two weeks to show how slowly he's able to work through the vids)

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Hmm never heard of that one. Will check it out. I'm due another replay of BG1 and 2, i actually only replay the original games now as well. I played the 'Enhanced Editions' when they first came out but i think they added more flaws than improvements.

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LoB was included in the original game as well. It's called nightmare mode and must be enabled in the game files.

The Enhanced Edition got quite some updates. If you only played EE after release maybe you should try it now.



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