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Rank your favorite companions in order

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You can do combat if want but im gonna do overall how much I like them


2.Nyoka although she is very close to #1

3. Ellie

4. SAM. although if it was a combat list hed be #1

5. Vicar......just really boring

6. Felix. so lame and annoying. hated him. and his special ability sucked to

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1. Ellie - for being Ellie 😁

2. Felix - for his boyish charm, honest open personality, fierce loyalty, and go get 'em attitude.

3. Parvati - for her infectious naivety, and adorable mix of childish and eager puppy way in which she views the world outside Edgewater

4. S.A.M.  - for being the strong, silent, methodical and efficient killer type.

5. Nyoka - for best in your face attitude and being the best drink buddy ever!

6. Vicar - competent as a ranged fighter. But his somewhat reserved, paternalistic demeanor and virtue signaling attitude can be off putting at times. But being a well versed scholar, makes a great diversion for any deep and meaningful conversations you want to hold while traveling aboard your ship. Hope he enjoys those prayer beads my PC stole acquisitioned from the Groundwater lockup. He's yet to acknowledge my PC's thoughtful gift with the tiniest thank you to date.....

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1. SAM - During a certain quest I followed its suggestion after some lawls and got a good ending for one of the factions.

2. Parvati - Nice person and nice companion quest.

3. Nyoka - Bonus damage against creatures.

4. Felix - Fight the power, smash the system, etc.

5. Vicar - He's into some complicated stuff.

6. Ellie - Funny companion quest but a bit too short.

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Here are mine:

  1. Max
  2. Parvati
  3. Felix
  4. Nyoka
  5. Ellie

I might, in a future play-through, pick up Ellie a little earlier and see if she grows on me.  I agree with other posters' comments about how her companion quest seems pretty underwhelming (though it is amusing).  

Edited to add: Ohmygosh I totally forgot SAM.  He falls in under Nyoka, only because he doesn't have an extended quest.  But his dialogues with Felix are delightful.

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