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I posted this as a reply to a thread earlier but now I’m going to post it as a separate topic, I just want to make sure this is seen and fixed in future updates. I also added more context to it.

There’s three bugs with the companions I wanted to mention. Nothing game breaking, just things not working as intended.

1.) the perk “Fine Aim” which is supposed to increase ranged damage by 10% is not working, or at least it isn’t displaying a difference in the stats. If you take the heavy handed perk (melee damage increased by 10%) there’s no problem and it displays the increase in damage. 

When I tested “Fine Aim” I used Nyoka. Here are my results.

Ranged Damage before applying “Fine Aim”: 288

Ranged Damage after applying

“Fine Aim”: 288

Melee Damage before applying “Heavy Handed”: 559

Melee Damage after applying “Heavy Handed”: 609

As you can see and I previously stated, the perk for increasing melee damage works, however ranged damage does not increase.

2.) if you take the perk “Battle Hardened” which is another tier 2 companion perk it will lower your companions overall body armor instead of increasing it. I think it’s overriding the 20% armor buff you get from having 40 “Inspiration”

Helmet armor rating before applying “Battle Hardened”: 21.6

Helmet armor rating after applying “Battle Hardened”: 21.6

Body armor rating before applying “Battle Hardened”: 70.6

Body armor rating after applying “Battle Hardened”: 63.8

Something is off about this perk, I should be gaining body armor for taking it. 5 points is what the perk advertises so my body armor should be at a rating of 75.6. The helmet armor is unaffected.

3.) when finishing companions quests I’m not being rewarded the extra skill point to spend on the companion. At level 30 I was only being rewarded 6 perk points for my companions. After I reset my skills/perks with the machine on the Unreliable the companions that I had finished their special quests had an extra 7 perk points instead and the one companion I hadn’t completed only had 6 perk points. So this lead me to believe it’s intended for us to have another perk point for them after completing specific missions.

I looked around and didn’t see anyone posting about this, sorry if it’s already been brought to your attention.

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Actually, you get a unique perk for each companion when you complete their quest that shows up in their description, but there's a bug that if you respec your character any time afterwards, you lose those special perks for good. You do get an extra perk point each to assign for them when that happens, but the special perk itself is no longer available for them at all and there's no way to reacquire it.

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