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Is there a patch coming soon? Sorry if this has been answered; I am quite new to this forum.

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First, I am well aware of how incredibly complex the design and execution of a game like this can be, and I certainly don't mean to be pushy. I know the folks at Obsidian work very hard, and I very much like The Outer Worlds; it's one of only a few games in recent months that has captivated me so.

I am currently playing The Outer Worlds on the PS4, and I am dealing with two bugs:

The first is the Parvati side mission; she disappears as soon as I get to a certain stage in the mission, and I have stopped trying to make it work. The second is the Ellie mission where I am to meet her parents. During my conversation with Ellie on board the ship, the mission is tagged as 'botched' before the mission becomes available to complete.

I have stopped playing, as I don't wish to proceed further without being able to complete these missions, and I am just wondering if a patch might be coming soon. I would very much like to continue the game, as I am quite enjoying it, but I don't want to proceed further into the narrative without tying up these missions. If anybody knows anything about possible work being done to rectify these (somewhat common by my reading) issues, I would be most grateful. In the meantime, I'll continue to wait until the issues have been resolved before continuing my game. Thank you all for your time.

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I guess the answer to your question is going to depend on what you'd consider "soon". From a Q&A with Mikey Dowling (thanks @Ethics Gradient):


Q: I'm having a crash/save/load issue, are you looking into it?
A: If your issue has been reported to Private Division at support@privatedivision.com then we are looking into it. Issues like the elevator on Tartarus and the saves disappearing are issues we're absolutely looking into.

Q: When exactly is the next update?
A: Since it isn't as simple with consoles to push patches the way we could on PC for Pillars 1, Tyranny, or Deadfire, the submissions take some time and have to go through a process. As soon as we know we're good to get the patch out, we'll let you know and give patch notes.

It seems that they are looking into coordinating the patches throughout all platforms.

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Cain says they were prepared to crunch after release, fixing crashes and issues players ran into. But it was so smooth, they've been able to take a breather and take some time before the first patch, which should be out soon, and respond to some more substantial feedback.

"Somebody found a place that it consistently crashed, but just on one platform, and then there's been another bug where sometimes companions get in a bad state in your ship," Cain says. "But for the most part the things we're fixing are things people have asked for, like larger fonts."

Another quality of life issue he intends to fix is that vending machines don't show how much you're carrying, which makes selling items while over-encumbered a tedious process. There's also difficulty, which came as a surprise: Many players have asked for a harder setting that doesn't come with the restrictions of the Supernova difficulty. He's got a list of UI things to address, and hopes to put out a second update around Christmas, once more player feedback comes in. But when we spoke, it was definitely time for a well-earned victory lap.


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1 hour ago, C2B said:

There's also difficulty, which came as a surprise: Many players have asked for a harder setting that doesn't come with the restrictions of the Supernova difficulty.

YESSSSSSS PLEASE GIVE US THIS. I want survival mode without having to reload every time Felix bites the dust.

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