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Just finished, here's a few thoughts (Spoilers)

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Stuff I especially liked:

- The music is amazing

- Edgewater (everything; I feel like this was the highest quality area by far)

- Sanjar & co around Stellar Bay (some great quests here)

- The Holo ID System

- Robust dialogue choices

- The dodge ability is great

Didn't like

- Stealth system is poor; doesn't give enough feedback about whether or not you're detected by NPCs, etc.

- The design of Monarch (really samey, felt too large for how many unique assets were used, and I hated the bile color palette)

- Most of the animals you fight (they're very basic & just charge at you; not fun or interesting to kill)

- Repeating weapon designs late game; content was very frontloaded in that regard

- Most of the companions (just didn't care for their personalities; some I thought were outright obnoxious)

- Not enough important NPC exposition/buildup (Mr. House had so many great monologues, Caeser, etc. I missed that)

- Medium game scope & no postgame led to a lot of stuff feeling pointless. Rather than worrying about stockpiling resources for a longterm gameplay loop and building a great character so you can use them later, you just play to get done.

- Most quest rewards/unique weapons are weaker than gear I looted while playing

- I miss player housing; I wish I could've upgraded my ship

- Supernova isn't very well balanced

- Didn't spend enough time for most of the NPCs to really invest in them emotionally


I had a blast early on, but about halfway through Monarch I was starting to feel my interest wane significantly. I feel like Edgewater really did the best job of introducing itself. Roseway was decent, but I don't think the plot and situation there had a very good entry point. The rest was largely unremarkable to me.

B- game for me; I don't regret playing it but I wish it had been more like F: NV. Oh well; time and budget. I understand. I'm still happy the game was made, but it's definitely not my GOTY and that makes me sad.

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Well player housing has never been a stable feature of Obsidian designed Fallout games. That's a fundamental game engine feature by Bethesda. Seems you're confusing this feature with this sorft of ability in New Vegas perhaps?

Did you rush through the main storyline? If so, how many hours per day/how long did it take your play through this first time around? And will you be RPing using a different character to see how this would affect the alternate game endings? 


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