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So I recently got The Outer Worlds on the Xbox One recently and so far it’s been a good time. I haven’t experienced any major bug until just recently when I came to the happy moon, known as monarch. Here I received two bugs, one of which is prohibiting me from carrying on with the game. During the quest Radio Free Monarch I was trying to get the Iconoclasts  and MSI to stop transmitting. I first went the Sanjar to tell him to stop, and he just went “Not until the Iconoclasts do”. So I went okay, and told them to stop and they did. Now the game is directing me back to talking with Sanjar, but every time I do, there’s no option to continue on with the quest. So I’m just stuck. Is there a way to fix this? Do I kill Sanjar? Please and thank you. 

P.S. The other bug I referred to earlier is for Pravati’s companion quest. It says she died, but I’m playing normal difficulty. 

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