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I just finished this game tonight, It has been one of the best RPG story games i have ever played, i know many of the staff of the original fallout currently work for obsidian and one of the best fallout games (new Vegas) being made by obsidian  games. I can only imagine what fallout would be if it was still made by you guys but that being said i am very excited for the future of Outer worlds, i truly hope this isn't the end of the franchise for outer worlds i can see a lot of future potential for this IP. as a 29 year old gamer i havent had alot of things to make me excited for the future of gaming anymore but i can truly say i can't wait to see what the future of outer worlds holds, if any of the Obsidian Dev team sees this you all did an amazing job and you should be very proud of your work,. Thank you for revitalizing the gaming spirit in an old gamer 

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Yes, Thank You!  The evil that has befallen Bethsada had me depressed.  I am a hardcore fallout fan that has lost ALL faith in Bethsada.  After all the lies, and poor products, I feared that Fallout was dying.  Then along came The Outer Worlds!  You have sparked life back into my soul.  I really appreciate a company that takes pride in their product.  Obsidian has officially brought Bethsada to its knees.  Well Done!! 

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