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Cascadia – Rizzo Secret Laboratory- Mind Control Ray (Jumping back) Help!

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Abandoned Lab Science Weapon – Mind Control Ray


Getting over time the other side to get the weapon was easy. Getting back has locked me down in a continual loop of never making the jump back. On the other side after you get the weapon you can’t seem to sprint jump, guess there isn’t enough space to activate it, unlike jumping over to it the first time. 

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to jump back over.  I’ll provide a video link below that may be of help to refresh anyone’s memory to where and what I am referring too. Thanks in advance for any help provided. 



Respectfully yours,



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5 hours ago, thalassashell said:

Yep! I’m having the exact same problem, and yours is literally the only relevant google result I’ve found. I’m stuck, too!

Not sure if it's possible, but could you jump from the area above? Like before you climb down the ladder? Might have to eat a bit of fall damage but it could be a possibility.


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18 hours ago, LadyLeela said:

All I did. was try and try again. Tried eating Stuff to make me more agile and fast. Eventually I got. it,  saved and got. the hell out of there.

I really sympathize.  That was a tough one.  I managed to make it (eventually) by sprinting and jumping, but I had to save after each successful jump.  One time, I came down a ladder and automatically backed off of it to my doom.  I'm glad you made it!

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7 hours ago, Silverlick said:

I can’t even jump to the first platform. I’ve tried about 10 times. But also I’ve noticed that I can’t sprint indoors or within communities. Only out in the wild. Any clues?

That's odd. Do you have a flaw that makes you "petrified" or something in less open places? Not really sure what else would cause that

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I found it easier to just run off the top onto the next platform and take the fall damage.  The added bonus was having my companions fall into the pit and die, only to reappear when i (finally) jumped back to safety.

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