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Has anyone found a practical use for these. There are some NPCs who actually sell these as supplies. And give you the impression the meat is edible. But no functional ability to eat the meat exists. Has anyone found a use for the meat or tail feathers as yet?  Is there another chem lab type station which has yet to be found? So we can craft medicine with it etc?

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I saw Rad-something leather in Stefans Quest inventory slot. I got some from them big beepers, but it went straight into junk. I’m refusing to sell anything at the mo and hoarding everything just in case. Haven’t found a use for it yet. 

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Ok then. Thanks for the quick feedback and follow up folks. 

You think you'd at least be able to craft, tinker and improve your armor with the tail feathers in some way.

This is yet another reason for hoping the mod community can get into tinkering the game's code and address incomplete/missing features like this. All animal death lists should be consumable IMO. Especially when their descriptions suggest it. Canid meat is supposed to make some sort of food additive/binder when cooked/treated according to its description. Shame we couldn't interact with the kitchen appliances and use existing food reagents to transform the raw meat into that. In a sense, make some exotic beef jerky that would increase or sustain your health rating bar.

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