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Extra Paranoid is stuck on for my character and i am unable to remove it

so i believe this happened on Monarch when at the Boarst Factory it is a restricted zone, after i had cleared it out and it was given to SubLight it was still a restricted zone (unlike other restricted zone they gray out when they let u in), but they were not hostile if i crossed and i was not becoming disguised, so i think that's where Extra Paranoid got stuck.

Desktop 2019-11-01 08-27-38.jpg

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Hey, com23 and Jsh.

I'm sorry for the late reply. To expedite your issue, if haven't done so already, we ask that you please visit http://privatedivision.com/support and report the issue there. This will get your issue into our publisher's queue to ensure the fastest possible turn around time. Again, I apologize for the late reply and thank you for your patience.


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I've got the same problem with Extra Paranoid always being active. If I'd noticed it a little sooner I could have reloaded a previous save but as it stands I'm stuck at level 25 with no passive health regeneration. So I either start over or finish the game with a broken character, neither of those are good options. Any chance this will be patched out soon? Preferably in the next 5 minutes or so. This sucks and is absolutely ruining an otherwise excellent game.

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