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Crash to Desktop after Installing new Nvidia Drivers

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I am playing on PC with the xbox game pass version. After I installed the newest Nvidia drivers that were released on 10/29/2019, my game will run for approximately 3-5 minutes until it immediately crashes/closes. I own a RTX 2080 Ti. I receive no error message or pop up upon it closing and I am returned to my desktop. I experience the same issue every time I boot the game back up. I was having no issues with the game until I installed the driver.

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I can't even get it to run anymore, it flashes briefly in task manager and then disappears. 😕 It ran fine for a week, the only thing that changed is that I installed the new Nvidia driver, so I think it might be connected - but I tried rolling back and it still wouldn't launch. I guess I'll try a full reinstall next.

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