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Ideas, Suggestions & Feedback for future Outer Worlds games

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Starting topic of any/all ideas & suggestions for possible future games & DLC content.

Here are a few things that I'd like to see in future installments or DLC content.

12 Companions

Weapons/Armor DLC

Archer companion that switches between standard crossbow & bow with power based weapons that include elemental damage ex: fire, plasma, shock, etc.

Mimic/Shapeshifter companion that can take on identity/form of anyone in game which could be used for missions or to infiltrate a group/faction or replace someone in game or be used for humor aspects.

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While I agree with obsidian on the notion that TOW doesn't need to be an open world game like TES games. I would prefer a few extra main planets and some more minor asteroids, and space stations.

And a few more distinct biomes on these planets. Seeing how each planet can have multiple landing spots, why not have them in different climates on that planet.

Also, a plant lab on a space station is always a classic location in scifi games :)

I guess this will be for the sequel :)

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Black & White filter mode.

I was reading about how one of the directors of the game is colorblind, and how this informed the visual design of the game. It seems much of the game is designed so that color is not a primary means to convey information. For instance, the enemy icons appear as a different shape besides being the color red. So, the icon can be read without needing to see the color, and for people that can see color the red is a helpful accent.

To examine this further I loaded up the game and turned down the color setting on my screen so that it was essentially displaying in black & white. While playing I found this mode to look really great, and seemed really appropriate for the old time space serial aesthetic.

So, it would be really great if a black & white filter mode was an available option in the settings, along with whatever other filters seemed appropriate or interesting (Sepia, vivid, etc.)

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OK so in all honesty, I'd say the amount of planets etc is more than likely due to limited amount of funding on this title. 

The main reason Obsidian went with MS was financial. And of course looking at Ninja Theory as well its the same reason. 

I'm pretty sure that with next to an iimited budget for their next game compared to what they have had before, there will be some decent improvements in areas to an already stellar game. 

I'm really not fussed to much on building mechanics (fallout 4) or customizing a living space. Mass Effect didn't need this and was and still is one of the best Sci fi RPGs ever made. 

I'd like them to spend more development time on further enhancing choices, story arcs, companions options. Etc etc. 


I just want them to evolve the role playing even more next Gen. With more CPU power and GPU power lots can be done to further improve these things. 

State of the art facial animation like Gears 5. State of the art body animations. 

Maybe Obsidian could be the first ever RPG Dev of this sort to have large scale story moments play out in realtime in front of you. As opposed to cutscenes which would break the immersion in a game like this. It worked in Mass Effect to have those cutscenes. But it would be a better choice to have all that drama play out but whilst your still in full control of your character. 

I get the impression of they wanted to take this next game higher heights they could easily have this in larger colonies or even include earth as well. 

They have to be very careful not to try and do what Bethesda have done with Fallout and take it in completely the wrong direction. Away from role play and into a shooter slash base builder. 

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