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Since initially talking to Junlei Tennyson in the Groundbreaker, Parvati will no longer engage in any combat. She just continues to walk around whilst in combat, doing the barks of "that's the last of them" etc, but not fighting.

I've returned to the ship, reloaded a previous save, taken just Felix on a mission then rotating Parvati again all with no luck.

I really like her as a companion and want to keep using her, but she's useless currently - What can I do?

Playing on PS4.

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Double check her AI configuration in the fourth tab (just past perks IIRC) and make sure she is set up how you want her, in this case Aggressive (otherwise she won't be very active in combat at all.)

If she's set to aggressive and still not fighting there could be another issue, but that's definitely something you want to check if you haven't already.

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