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I literally just came here to say: 

You guys are #### amazing! 

Thank you for the game that is The Outer Worlds & RIP Fallout/Bethesda.

I will never be looking back at any games made by another company. 

This game will be passed down from generation to generation so my kids, grand kids & grand-grand kids can also see what a great game looks like! I will probably be replaying this game till the age of 84.

Not to mention the fact that I'll probably end up buying a second copy and place it in a golden chest in a bombproof safe so that when the zombie apocalypse starts, the survivors of the human race will be able to find a copy of this holy grail of a game, may it bring happiness to them in those dark times.

Obsidian games FTW. 

(plznoban for memez) 



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