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Locked keybindings?? looks to be purposefully blocking left hand players

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I have just downloaded the outer worlds to notice that the keybindings on the right hand side of the keyboard IJKL or locked. I know of quite a few people who are left handed that use these keys for WASD, and it makes sense, as they are the mirrored keys, if you are using a left handed mouse. It's very difficult for me to play without this setup and I have actually moved my textured WASD keys on my keyboard across OKL:

Can this be looked into and patched ASAP? it seems fairly pointless and limiting for absolutely no reason. It also takes a number of players away from your game. I definitely won't be going back to it until it's addressed.

Thank you, 


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Are you using a controller?

Obsidian is one of those Devs who feels they will tell you how to use your hands to play their game, and that everyone LOVES WASD. How wrong they are!

If you're talking about just normal keyboard key remapping, you have to use an external utility at this time, like AutoHotKey. You can substitute any key on the keyboard for another.

I hate WASD and the left side of the keyboard, so I remap everything to the right size/keypad. Basically, I use the Arrows and everything around them. AutoHotKey makes this change easy.

Here's my config file. It's simple to change.


The left side is What You Want It To Be and the right side is What It Is By Default:



They only thing you have to remember is, start AutoHotKey before starting the game and then to close AutoHotKey after exiting the game, otherwise you keyboard is all screwed up for normal use due to the remappings.


Here's the default controls, as a reminder and to see what I've remapped to what in my config file shown above:


PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings
The default control scheme for The Outer Worlds for PC is:

Walk Forward – W
Walk Backward – S
Strafe Left – A
Strafe Right – D
Sprint – Left Shift
Jump – Space Bar
Crouch / Sneak – Left Ctrl

Quick Save – F6
Quick Load – F8
Use / Interact – E
Weapon 1 – 1
Weapon 2 – 2
Weapon 3 – 3
Weapon 4 – 4
Inhaler – 5
Mouse Wheel Up / Down – Next / Previous Weapon
Attack / Fire – Left Mouse Button
Aim / Block – Right Mouse Button
Quick Melee – V or Thumb Mouse Button
Reload – R
Weapon Radial – T
Tactical Time Dilation (TTD) – Q
Companion – F
Companion Attack – X
Companion 1 Special Ability – Z
Companion 2 Special Ability – C

Pause – ESC or ALT + M
View Inventory – I
View Ledger – TAB
View Character Menu – L
View Journal – J
View Map – M

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