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PS4 quest waypoint glitched.

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I'm in the emerald vale region and I'm not 100% sure when the bug occurred, I believe it was while I was undertaking the Illustrated Manual quest. I found the first quest item, then fast travelled to the Unreliable to get rid of excess weight.

However, upon leaving the Unreliable all of my quests are now waypointing to the Unreliable. Or, rather, 30m *below* the Unreliable.

I've closed the software and reopened, selected all of the other quests, nothing.

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Update: I believe I fixed it.

I think the initial issue was caused because I fast-travelled from inside the Unreliable.

I returned to the Unreliable, entered it, and exited it properly through the gangway door. That seems to have unglitched the waypoint.

I wonder if the map for the Unreliable is 30m below the ship when it's landed in the Emerald Vale.

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