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Most Fun interactive party combinations (no spoilers)

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So I'm in it for the story and the fun, not just to OP my way through the game.

To go with this it will be a "Normal" difficulty mode playthrough so I don't have to worry about min / maxing combinations.

I LOVED the character banter and interactions between different characters in PoE 1, especially Eder always picking in Durance and our Monk friend (Winters xpac) "high" comments which were hilarious!

I'm also noticing that in PoE 2 there are many more "during conversation" character reactions between character and MC discussiions with the MC and other NPCs.

With this in mind, what party combinations lead to the most fun interaction both from a banter / random comment perspective as well as companion quest storyline details and inter-story character interactions?


EDIT: My main is a cipher + rogue if that helps at all :) from a storyline perspective, Loving all the additional discussion options :).

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Death God-Like watchers gets plenty of special dialogue ,Tekehu is kinda involved in Neketaka life,Eder has all kinds of banter for almost every situation,Xoti is only cool if you turn her dark, Serafen heavily involved in everything pirate related,last spot you can swap different Sidekicks for different dlc’s : Konstanteen for SSS , Fassina for FS , Ydwin for BoW these sidekicks gets special dialogues in these dlc’s otherwise they are mostly quiet in other parts of the game

You also can bring maya and tekehu at same time as they represent different factions, you can also influence their relationship a lot basically from fighting to romance 

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