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Analog Controller Drifting PS4, Xbox

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If you wanna do it yourself you can setup deadzones by adding the below to your Input.ini found in C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor (assuming Epic)


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I think the dead zone is more of a common problem on these ps4 controllers.. I finally bought a new stick last month because i was getting tired of the deadzone issues.. I had 2 older controllers that got soo bad, when i would hold all the way forward on the left stick, the right sticks deadzone would grow and start twirling my cameras around in all the games i played.. There are only a few games(2-3) i have ran into on the Ps4 that would allow you to manipulate the dead zone size...

The new controller solved my issues... might be your only hope.. you could have a friday made controller where they said it was good enough and called it a day at the plant... lol

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Thanks for reply. In the end it really looks like a controller issue.  I tried one trick I found on youtube to simply blow into the analog stick to move the dust out. And miroucasly it worked. Still some issues, but just sporadicaly. When it gets worse i will maybe dismabntle it and clean with alcohol ot buy new one. 

I wasnt aware that these issues are so common. And since the controller was quite new and looked after i didnt expect the issue to be here. Maybe its a combination of booth-game sensutivity and controller tolerances... 



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