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Keep that weapon on your hip! (My one suggestion)

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I absolutely love this game, and want to thank Obsidian for almost single-handedly keeping this genre alive!

That being said, I have one small suggestion that I would love if they could incorporate into a patch for the game. The problem is that the same button used on the game pad (X on the Xbox Controller) to interact with an item/door/NPC/etc also causes the player character to unholster his weapon. That leads to many situations where I keep pulling a gun on an innocent NPC, when I’m just trying to have a friendly conversation!

If the game could be patched so that the weapon is only unholstered when pressing the RT or something, then I think that would do wonders for immersion when traversing through areas that aren’t inherently hostile. Just a small suggestion, and I have no idea how easy or difficult it would be to implement, but I think it really would make a big difference in gameplay! 

(Disclaimer: This is my second attempt to post this topic, as the first time I didn’t have an account, so my apologies if I’m repeating myself, but I didn’t see the first attempt successfully post)

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Yes, this. Not only do i feel like a real jerk waving my gun in the face of everyone i talk too, i am also terrified that i am going to accidentally shoot someone. This is such a simple fix, i hope it is included in the next patch. 

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35 minutes ago, Mayan fury said:

I also agree as, i know that one time soon, a bit sleep deprived or whatever, i will start a conversation and the gun will come out and i will accidentally shoot them in the face!



I may or may not have accidentally done this at some point in Fallout New Vegas.

"Show me a man who "plays fair" and I'll show you a very talented cheater."
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