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I replied to your other thread but I'm commenting here in hopes this gets taken seriously. At least when it comes to turning, I believe the issue is with the frame rate dropping. I've noticed a visually perceptible frame rate while turning the camera/character in the game (original PS4). You can tell because most of the time when turning, there are three crosshairs on the screen and the image is stuttering. The motion sickness could also be from bobbing distant geographic features and sky (the sky box) I've seen mentioned elsewhere on the forums..

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Threads on this topic need to be populated to be heard, post your dissatisfaction!  Get a refund even!!!

Thank you for raising attention to this game-breaking issue (wasting money on a game that makes you sick), I will not buy this game until it is resolved.  Maybe devs don't care about just a few of us, but I think there are a lot more that stay silent...

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Frequent motion sickness after a bit of playing has caused me to put the game down.

I'm on ps4 so there seem to be no way around the issue unless it gets patched.

Hoping for a somewhat quick fix so I can get back to what otherwise looks to be a great game.

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