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Save Problem (Restore Backup Saves)

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So I was playing a bunch yesterday and was having a blast,  come evening my partner wanted to try it on her PC so I logged off, she installed it on her PC with my launcher and started a new game.

This morning when I get up her cloud save has overwritten mine.  From what I can tell online now is that the Epic Launcher does not allow for multiple cloud saves across devices.  I have however managed to locate what I believe are my saves on my local disc and I'm wondering how I can recover it?  I found it in C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Saves\941fce95f1a64ca9a596ec28a4b28502\Rosemallow

There are two folders there,  Localsavebackup and CloudCache,  the Localsavebackup holds 3 quick saves, 3 auto saves and 3 manual saves with contains the screenshots of where it was saved so I know that they're correct.

Can I somehow make these active?


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Fixed it through the help of other save problem threads, different issues but had the info I needed.  I've just tossed in my backup saves to

C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds\

Saved me a lot of time... 

And this is yet another reason why people don't like the incomplete Epic Launcher.  Please make it user friendly, shocking that you can't just play a game within the family, bring back CD/DVD's...

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