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Missing Hot Key or Keyboard Control Menu

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I'm confused why there are some inputs that are hard-bound and cannot be rebound ?

We can rebind practically everything else - why not the inventory key and map key and such ??

Loot and items are big part of games like this, and hence the average player is probably going in and out of their inventory screen many many times during a play session. Same goes fo the map too.

In fact, after the mouse buttons and directional inputs, i'd say the map and inventory inputs are some of the most heavily used keys inputs you're gonna use - so to not allow the player to rebind these keys to other keys they prefer seems a bit odd to say the least.

I remember NMS did this too - and it really kinda ruined the experience for me.

Please allow rebinding of all key inputs.

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Resolved. Please make access to critical game features like these more transparent and intuitive Obsidian!

1. DROP/HOLSTER YOUR WEAPON instead of having it pointed out all the damned time?

2. A  hot key for inventory bars that store food/med aid items. So you can use them on the fly without having to open your PC inventory?

We also need the ability to have #2.

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Just to make a point, the topic title was revised when the thread was moved to the tech support section, and seems to have been combined with another thread on hotkeys.

But the title doesn't really convey the inference of the (my) initial topic - which is to please allow rebinding of ALL key inputs, including those currently hard-locked for inventory, map, ledger, companion menu etc etc.

Basically please allow any currently hard-locked key inputs to be re-mappable, that's it really.

Thank you.

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