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Ok, I really did not expect much and do got the game for other reasons. I expect something from Obsidian and that is not graphics fidelity, it can even be far below average. I know this, I knew this, and I am fine with all that.

But gosh golly: the textures are stunningly blurry and outright bad in many places. It feels like 2003 called, this does not feel "ok, this is a small company with a low budget" this feels utterly fallen out of time. 

The rest of the graphics is pretty fine for me (and the gamebreaking bugs aside it's what I expected). But those textures are just so much worse than anything I expected in a title releasing after 2010...

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but I've seen sharper textures in plenty of games from the previous generation

Previous generations. In terms of resoution the textures in general look only a tad better than in KOTOR2. I do very much like the design and what they did with "things that are meant to stand out". 

I did dabble a bit in UE4 and admit I am really not advanced at all. But what we're seeing here in materials/textures is ridiculous. If that was all they could afford they should have skipped out of 3D alltogether and build one of their kickass 2D-games (in the style of the old Fallout games) instead. I really do not want to sound like a bitter know-it-all, but the textures/materials very fundamentally are not, in my not-really-demanding view, sufficent in today's market besides some indie-dev who only has one-and-a-half graphics artist.

While I love the writing so far (well, an hour or so in before the game is unplayble due to a dialogue-bug) this utterly dated look really is... just sad.,

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