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Audio/Dialogue and Texture Loading Bug, Very Annoying if not Gamebreaking

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I have frequently been running into a bug where audio and textures take an abnormal amount of time to load. I am playing the game on an SSD. Here are some clips of the bug:



My system specifications are an 15-6600 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 1070, 8GB of ram, and a 500gb Samsung SSD.

Im not sure if my first post went through, so this is a repost.  Sorry!


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Yes! This happens to me, sometimes; textures seem delayed and dialogue doesn't trigger right away. It's usually a 5-10 second delay. I've yet to discern a real pattern for when this occurs, but I think it's more common for me when I've been playing for several hours already, or when I am running through settlements very fast and load and reload areas repeatedly and quickly, while also tabbing out and back in a lot. I don't know what this might suggest, but it could be some form of memory leak, I suppose. 

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