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Okay so I just started playing The Outer Worlds and I was delighted to discover I could kill anyone I wanted! Well at least so far. So as soon as I met the character Reed I had a conversation with him, then as soon as I got the quest and we finished talking I shot him and his guards in the face, and continued on with the quest. At the end I diverted the power from the geothermal plant to the Botanical Lab and made my way to Edgewater to steal the power regulator. Well here's where we run into problems. I make my way to the Saltuna Cannery building killing the guards in my way just to find out I can't open the door leading down to the power regulator. It stays "Sealed" and I can  hear the locals asking if Reed is hiding down there, so I assume he is suppose to open the door to speak with me or something, but sense he's already dead nothing triggers. Hitting the little switch to the right of the door does nothing. I'm stuck. The quest is broken and I can proceed, making the game broken unless I restart. "What are we suppose to do now?" 


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1 minute ago, Gfted1 said:

Google tells me that using a "Mag-Lock" is required for picking a lock. Have you tried that? 

Yeah I've picked a few locks already prior to this section of the game. This particular door doesn't have a pick option however.

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30 minutes ago, Blackcrowam said:

If you already killed Reed he drops the key to that door, if you didn't grab it then maybe that's what f up


I looted his body of everything it had. Turns out the door wasn't the issue, the games compass pathing was. 

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