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What are you playing while waiting for TOW?

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Is it just me or is anyone else actively avoiding various videos / trailers / announcements / info about game mechanics, to prevent spoiling the start of a game and possible tainting the game experience. I made that mistake with Fallout76 (don't flog me please, I got the game as a present) - where i got 50% of said info just by watching youtube stuff about the game. I'm instead waiting to jump into the 99%-unknown TOW pool.

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I've started replaying Red Dead Redemption's single-player. I never finished it. It's a crazy long game, but a good one.

I've also been playing the recent console release for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Love me some old school RPGs.

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"Too much of the animal disfigures the civilized human being, too much culture makes a sick animal."

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Disco Elysium and Hitman2. Loving DE so far, getting a bit tired of Hit - I mean it's good, but I am doing two seasons in a row.

I am tempting to subscribe to Game Pass once OW releases, though I don't know if and how well I will be able to run it (not great in analysing specs). There are some other games I want to try there, so we will see. I might give it a go. 

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