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Issue with Epic Games Launcher

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Could anyone who has used the Epic Game launcher to download Outer Worlds help me out.  I purchased the game and have received the e-mail with the receipt attached.  The game is showing up in my library in the launcher but I can't find an option to start the download.  Left clicking, right clicking, restarting the launcher and even restarting the computer itself, nothing seems to help.

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Game not released as yet. But, at least you have the Epic Games launcher. I cannot even download the launcher as I keep getting a Microsoft error message. Not sure it's an accident either since I purchased through Private Division and am stuck with the Epic Games portal (that, even with Support help, does not work.)

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What troubles me is the lack of transparency on the launch times/pre download info from epic games store. 

Theres no excuse to not atleast inform the customer on the pretty obvious questions they would have about 

release times(will it match the timezone you live in?) Or is it on its own timezone. ANNNDD Pre load info

why cant I, as a customer of the Epic store get ANY info on this?


Because they have no forums. Every single big release they totally botch. Borderlands 3? Lost save files

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint? Did not launch at unlock time, according to the Epic store had to do with UBI

not unlocking the game. 


Either way ive had nothing but bad times with the store, I absolutely hate the layout. Half the games 

they advertise aren't even released.

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