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Private Division store front - Epic not mentioned?

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I'm looking at the PD store https://store.privatedivision.com/the-outer-worlds/order

and think in the past (correct me if wrong) this linked to epic store front, but now it doesn't.  I can't find any mention of Epic on the PD Outer Worlds webpages, again correct me. 

I copy/pasted the linked EULA https://www.take2games.com/eula/ and searched for "Epic" and there is nothing mentioned about receiving an Epic key or requiring Epic in the EULA.

ALSO c/p the terms and condition of sale: https://store.privatedivision.com/en_US/docs/cgv there is nothing mentioned about receiving an Epic key or requiring Epic either.


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Via infinitron for getting the response a few months back.


When you pre-order The Outer Worlds from our Private Division store, you will be receiving an Epic Game store key. We hope this clarifies any confusion. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

What kind of purchase choices were you expecting?  A DRM free download?

Unless you pick the Microsoft Store on the preorder page, all PC options lead to an Epic key.  

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Well, forgive me for not noticing a deep buried response back in July. As far as expectations?  Didn't mention any, you seem to have assumed a conclusion yourself, though must admit to some small glimmer of hope... LOL...

For the PD store, their eula, and terms & conditions of sale pages, not to mention tmk <anywhere> on an official requirements page, as to how the game will be delivered leaves them well open to at least a boatload of refunds...  Just saying, it is not good business sense...


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It's likely the store warns you that you're purchasing an Epic Launcher key at some point before making the payment. I assume you didn't actually try to purchase the game?

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Good luck getting a refund from Private Division, I understand they're not offering them, but hopefully that's rare or they're just really slow and bad about it...

If you're running the latest W10 download the Xbox beta app (to make sure it works) and you can get the game through the PC Xbox Game Pass if you can get a refund and want the game without Private Division getting money. You could potentially also just outright buy the game from the MS' app store thing if you want Obsidian to profit as much as possible from the sale without involving Epic I guess?

Microsoft's budgetary concerns aren't likely to be greatly affected by sales vs sales of their subscription etc. from the Obsidian standpoint, at least that would stand as a reasonable hypothesis. This should mean a sequel is going to be more likely to happen, and DLC (of the Obsidian style, sizeable addons) more likely to be produced based on total concurrent players and stats like that rather than the bottom line. At least, based on MS' acquisition of both Obsidian and InXile, they clearly think there is an audience for these kinds of RPGs and are interested in growing that audience and offering a larger budget (I'd imagine this could be especially effective for marketing and QA) for those titles.
Edit: Read this as someone who had bought the game from PD already, my mistake.

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Please don't get me wrong, if I could buy directly from the devs, maybe even somewhat from publishers (they do something afterall, but apparently PD is not good with details such as demonstrated in OP...) I would. 

Cut off the head of the middle man says I, I'm no steam drone, and no epic fanboi either...

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Another issue from someone who pre-purchased directly from PD (not knowing which option was best anyway): my attempt to download the Epic Games launcher has continuously failed, with an error ascribing the problem to the Microsoft OS (I have Windows 10). How ironic. And, so far, neither Epic Games nor Microsoft has offered a viable solution. And now I understand the PD may be reluctant to offer refunds? Well, that's what the VISA chargeback should address if I find it necessary. 

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