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Tokyo Game Show 2019 Gameplay Videos

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Interview with Matthew Singh: https://www.gamereactor.eu/outer-worlds-has-that-choice-and-consequences-that-were-known-for/

Outer Worlds has "that choice and consequences that we're known for"
Senior producer Matthew Singh talked to us at TGS about the game, including the choices regarding how you can develop your character.

The Outer Worlds is the latest RPG from Obsidian Entertainment that's coming next month, and at TGS this year we talked with senior producer Matthew Singh about the game, and what they're doing to put their Obsidian signature mark on it.

"Through and through we've tried to bring that choice and consequence that we're known for, that reactivity in the world, and we are also kind of giving it a new flair," he explained.

"When you create your character, you have attributes that you can allocate, and one of those options is you can take low intelligence or, even with our new flaw system in place, you may take a few hits to the head and be offered a permanent concussion. If you take that, it does something kind of similar, where you start exposing yourself to dumb options within conversations [...] even your companions and people will react to you like 'what did he just say? I don't understand'."

You can check out the full video below, which also talks about the various locations we'll be visiting in The Outer Worlds.

Are you ready to head in?

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