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What are you playing now: The New Thread


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6 hours ago, Malcador said:

Well true, alt-tabbing can be rough on applications.  Battletech sure is a system hog though, eats up more memory than GTA V on my PC.  Because I am more stubborn than smart, I will try again, mission needs you to rush to destroy generators, sadly don't have a super mobile mech that won't get pasted by opposition - best I have is the Quickdraw.  

IIRC Quickdraw is utter trash. Anything it can do, Shadow Hawk can do better. Except... fetch a higher price when vendoring it, I guess.

I really don't remember how the campaign was structured or if all missions had time limits to do them, but it could pay to do some random contracts to get better mechs and more experienced mechwarriors if you're getting creamed. If I'm not mistaken, the game capped the skulls (and thus the tonnage of enemies that show up) of random contracts depending on where you were in the campaign, so that may not help you much either. I do remember that my game ran for ~2000 days, so I did a ton of grinding for mechs -- but I ran a modded game that lifted travel and contract restrictions.

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On 12/2/2019 at 2:24 AM, ComradeMaster said:

Now I have to buy a controller and play this again!  Damn you! :p

If only they would release a remasterd version like they did with DS1 and I could mouse and keyboard it but hey it's Dark Souls, worth a new piece of equipment!

I use only KB&M with PC (and would use them with PS3, if I knew how). For DS too.









The Outer Worlds. I successfully reached Edgewater. The town was terrifying. I can't quite explain why.
The graphics are amazing, in terms of technology and style both.
Somehow the open-world maps discourage me from exploring them (too large, too hard to determine quickly if something is relevant or just part of the scenery) and I just try to beeline to the next objective.

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Escape From Tarkov beta (still in beta!)

Love it but there's still a ****ton of work that has to be done, like adding a compass and fixing the buggy map system.  If you're a newb the game is literally impossible to play without a map and a compass so you find yourself wandering around aimlessly and looking for things to shoot and loot and trying to find some kind of exit.  The physics, survival aspects, and heck, even the RPG mechanics are totally sound but there's still so much work to do!  Let's hope the final product comes soon and well put together because there's so much potential here, especially people like me who are tired of ****ty western FPS games.

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Gotta say, traversing the map in Death Stranding is such a chore.  Especially when you have to go to places that have a lot of rocks/water and no clear obvious path to take.

The quest carrying that one woman on my back on what seemed a trek across the entire map was beyond boring.

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Excellent, beat that mission finally.  As is always the case, was easy in hindsight but it did cost me a pilot due to a frigging turrent one shotting my Thunderbolt.  So on to the last mission of the game, which means I need to probably start farming assault mechs to adhere to the More Dakka philosophy.

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I remembered that the other The Outer W___ came out on PS4 last month and had to buy it. I've been looking forward to it so long.

And it's pretty great. It's all the parts I loved most about Subnautica without the parts I loved a little bit less.

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