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Turn-based mode appreciation

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Thanks for making it happen Obsidian.


I beat Deadfire numerous times already on POTD but turn-based mode actually breathed new life to thegame for me and enjoying it immensely. It actually gave me incentive to get back to the game and I will do both expansions with it (havent done SSS and FS due to some performance issues my saves have been plagued my :()


Anyways, looking forward to more games. Absolutely loving all the new additions, items, builds and how stuff that wasn't wanted in RTWP is very good in TB - looking at you ranger companion (they are fantastic in this mode)


Anyways, much appreciated!

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I love turn based.  I'd barely started playing when I started the game and the switch to turn based was available. I can attest that, for me, combat didn't boil down to a big glob in the middle of the screen.  I wish Pillars 1 had included it, but I understand that most folks seem to like RTwP.

"Not for the sake of much time..."

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I'd thought that turn-based was something introduced within the past week, which isn't realistic if you've plugged in 129 hours.  Unless you're a *real* 'iron man!'  lol  I appreciate RTwP, but I have always preferred turn based.  Let's see if I can at least attempt to post this.  I was thanking someone for a pale elf portrait earlier and found out too late that I'd reached some sort of daily limit.


EDIT:  Well, ain't I the resident Jackass?!  I just saw that my post which, I *swear* told me I couldn't post because of limits, is there!  lol I'm such an idiot-stick!  ...But, for the record, I really do appreciate turn based combat.  ...And I love Deadfire.  I regret not starting it sooner.

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"Not for the sake of much time..."

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Turn Based mode was introduced on January 24th as beta and on May 8th as final version.

Several "problems" you might encounter while posting are related to the fact that you are a new poster. To prevent bot-spam the first posts (forgot the number) of a new member need to get approved by a moderator. You also can't post too many in a given time (flood control). Once you have a few posts under your belt most of those restrictions will dissipate. Just keep posting. :)

There will always be some sort of flood control though - I sometimes encounter it when I try to post two very short messages in very quick succession. Happens very seldomly though.  


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I have yet to try it.

Still haven't completed the game, it's been on the back burner for months now. In fact since WoW Classic came out I haven't touched anything else...! The plague has gripped me once more.

Maybe I should give it a whirl then on TB and try complete the game finally. 


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