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 I'm almost done with my first run that was on veteran difficulty with story companions who were all single class characters except my watcher, this time I'm going for POTD upscaled run with all hired companions and want to make a party that has 10 classes multi classed - goal is to clear all combat content game has to offer - this probably means that I will solve quests by murdering everyone or at least murdering everyone and then reloading and going for peaceful solution where it suits my needs. Would be nice to get some insight and advice on some of these builds I'm thinking to use

My watcher will be Holy Slayer Steel Garrote/Street Fighter or no rogue subclass not sure which one is better choice for the build, he will be using dual wield and riposte to deal damage, aiming for tanky frontline damage dealer, on my first play trough my watcher was Holy Slayer Assassin/Bleak Walker which was really fun but also very squishy and dependant on using invisibility all the time maybe more suited for Veteran difficulty,  so I'm aiming for more tanky character this time but one who also can dish out good damage (Yes I want to play Holy Slayer as my main character again and again and again 😄 )

Tank of the group War Caller Unbroken/Beckoner or Troubadour not sure about which subclass for chanter is better I would prefer beckoner but I assume getting those summons out would be a problem because of interrupts, assuming this character will be the one tanking as many enemies as he can (I also tend to start combat with 4 of my characters in stealth way back and main tank running around picking up enemies while others buff themselves ), I will also aim to build him as passive damage dealer who deals damage while tanking enemies(Retaliation Tank). Race will be Fire God-like  , I will be using Magran's shield with bash and fire shield ability paired with singing scimitar sabre made for chanters will also have both damaging chants up all the time as they do passive AoE Damage, what are other good ways to give this character retaliation-like effects ? By the way are there any items with actual Retaliation effect like in PoE1? Whats attributes I should focus for this character ? high Intellect is kinda given since he is a chanter what else , dexterity probably can be left at 10 or even lower ? how important is perception for such character, might seems to be nice to have but not necessary.

Healer/Buffer/Debuffer of the group will be Universalist purpose of this character will be to buff the party at the beginning and later debuff enemies when not healing your party , im thinking Lifegiver or Animist with Priest of Eothas or Priest of Berath not sure which combo of these would be the best, is Lifegiver worth the penalties ? choice between Berath and Eothas is really just matter of which one gives me more useful skills.

Fourth character in my group will be Sage melee tanky character who can also deal high amounts of damage most likely using summoned staffs ( concelhauts at the beginning and spirit lance later ) at first look I think to use Conjurer and Shattered Pillar subclasses now I'm thinking maybe to switch conjurer for blood mage to allow wizard use all schools for self buffs , im wondering if picking conjurer and replacing missing self buffs and spells with potions/scrolls/drugs/priest buffs is viable idea 

Last character is the one I need most help with it has to be Cipher who does damage with ranged weapons ( Arquebus , Blunderbusses or War bows would be preferred weapons unless there is some sick Rod build using Rod blast skill from weapon proficiency ) and then remaining choices for Multiclass are either Witch or Seer not sure which one to pick here as I haven't played many barbarians ever in PoE franchise and rangers seems to be kinda lacking from what I read. Purpose of this character is to deal steady ranged damage while spending the focus on  debuffing and mind controlling enemies. Any interesting Witch or Seer builds ? How good or bad would be Witch with double blunderbusses or witch with Rod's and blast  ? Also other idea I had for this character is quick switch build but that might be too much micromanaging for now maybe on later play troughs I will commit to that unless quick switch hustle is actually really worth it ?

Also worth noting that on this run I want to use as much consumables as possible as I felt that I didn't use them that much on first play trough and ended up having tons of un-used potions , scrolls , explosives , traps at the end of the game this time I will have some of my characters using explosives , traps and scrolls meanwhile all of them will be loaded with potions drugs etc. I think this should give me some flexibility in character builds, reducing flaws some builds might have. 

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated !


P.S. im also thinking to transfer some items from my previous play trough via exported characters (however I do not want to overkill it maybe couple unique weapons on different characters and some accessories like fire accuracy ring nothing too much mostly just to fill the holes in my builds)

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