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Certain chants do indeed stack. Most prominent examples are Dragon Thrashed and Soft Winds of Death. 

Others do overlap but it's of no use - like Mith Fyr or Sure-Handed Ila.

There is no way that I know of how you can alternate between Dragon Thrashed and Sure Handed Ila and not lose dps - speaking about the Chanter's own performance. If you have a party with mostly gun users it might be different.

The most easy and at the same time effective way to run Kana (in my opinion) is to make him tanky, raise MIG and INT as much as possible and use Dragon Thrashed all the time. INT makes sure you can overlap more phrases. Clean up with White Worms or Seven Nights if you feel the need.

Voice of the Mountaintop and Overseeing items do stack! So with high INT and that amulet and let's say a ring with Overseeing you can cover a huge AoE.

In some fights a backup plan might be good. For example against a single dragon (after add got burned/slashed) the chant will have issues with hitting and also losing a lot of damage to DR. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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