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Lack of Music In TOW?

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I've seen several new gameplay videos of TOW recently. Overall, I am very impressed with the improved visuals and what seems to be a great looking RPG.

I am, however, concerned with one thing that several previewers have mentioned now. That is the lack of ambient music or, in some cases, any music during gameplay. A common complaint is that the previewers would be in a populated area and instead of hearing ambient NPC chatter or music, they would only hear their footsteps.

I realize it is entirely possible that Obsidian hasn't added sound files including the soundtrack into demo builds that previewers have played. I hope this is the case.

This is literally my only concern with TOW at this time. Everything else looks solid and I can't wait to play.

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I suspect music and sound design are the things still being worked on at the moment. In film at least they tend to be amidst the final steps of post-production, and I wouldn't be surprised if similarly it's usually tackled later in the production of a game and so on. The Deadfire betas similarly relied on placeholder music from the first game plus a couple of new tracks "previewing" the new score - but the proper score was only in place in its release version.

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I've noticed that some NPCs are subtitled but have no dialogue and in many gameplay videos the sound effect for the "You've gained reputation with this faction" notification drowned the dialogue, so I think it's fair to say they're still working on the mixing and the sound design in general.


By the way, there is definitely some music in this gameplay video: 


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