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How much of the HUD can be turned off?

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I like to eliminate clutter on my screen, and I like to remove "helper UI" stuff.

At a glance, I don't need or want:

  • The compass
  • Quest markers in the game world
  • The current mission objective window
  • Floating "red flags" over enemies
  • Enemy names
  • Enemy HP bars
  • Flying numbers when I shoot stuff
  • My ammo counter
  • ZXCF ability activation icons
  • Companion health bars
  • Other control reminders
  • My health and stamina bars if I haven't been wounded/tired lately (let them "fade" when not in use)

All of this just gets between me and the game world.  There is probably other stuff I'd like to turn off too.  I hope to find toggles for most UI elements in the options menu.

Thanks for reading.

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unfortunately, nothing, nada

its all foolishly tied together like almost every other console-based game in existence

THIS subject is my #1 issue with gaming, along, with Gameplay customization

therefore, this is what i did:  played thru the beginning parts of the game multiple times with all hud and tutorials on and spending my time learning the basic mechanics and getting used to them

then, i simply turned off the hud and started a new game

thankfully, it doesnt take long to get used to the mechanics

and, now, im enjoying a wonderful, hud-free RPG!

*Console Gaming😉


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I asked for this straight after the game came out. I was coming from an OLED perspective where static screen elements are a bad thing.

Ive tried turning off the HUD but you lose the aiming reticule and even transient messages

The HUD customisation in Assassins Creed would be a reference, also the HUD being contextual to being in combat like Gears 5. Even F76 has an opacity setting

Compared with many of the feature requests here this one sounds less fundamental to Implement. I get bugs are the priority but we've a;ll nearly finished the game now.

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