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Assassin, 2 hander (Amra) or Duel Wield, and which 2 weapons if so

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Playing a H Orlan Assassin has been fun, few questions.


Early game picking off value targets and escaping was fun, I liked doing it with Amra cause the big hit and the axe dot + having something chase you with arterial strike was fun. Mid to later game how is toxic strike? All the rogue upgraded full attacks look good, which ones are traps? 


If duel wielding is better which 2 1 handers, have Min's Fortune and Modwyr atm. But Amra does proc quite often and speed up so its tough to decide which is best?

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Personal Choices if you're going for High Alpha and some form of nice bonus?


Chromo with Metaphysics investment

Twin Eels with Religion Investment ( especially for Rogue due to the amount of Crit investment available after the Alpha ), pretty sure it's one of the higher Base Damage 2-handers; also the fact all three enchants including the "oops" that is Renewal ( 216 hp revive with no debuff like the paladin res ) scale off the same skill saves having to split your skill invests, and the AOE Heal on Kill means you have decent sustain if partied. 20 Relgion seems to equate to around 10% HtC conversion

Oathbreaker - again I like it for anything based on Crit or Stealth. DoT that refreshes as the target ( not you ) deals damage, and with FG AOE on death.


Personal choice for a crit build? 


Twin Eels. Sustain, twin damage types, decent PEN, an "oops" to save you, scaleable bonuses of which one is HtC convert.

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