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Hi, I am currently working on a custom voice set mod, and wondering if anyone could give me some clarification on some things:

  • Why does each voice set have different numbering conventions? (****y: "_ability_cast_0092", Feisty: "_ability_cast_0088", Kind: "_ability_cast_0102")?
  • What do the _v1, _v2, _v3, (attack_40001_v2 for example) files do? Based on their corresponding text strings in chp_common.stringtable I'm assuming they are alternate takes or maybe different parts of the same sequence broken up?
  • What action does _investigate_4001* correspond to? It isn't very clear from entry in chp_common.stringtable what the character is doing only that they'll say: "_investigate_40010" = "Hm?" and "_investigate_40011" = "Huh?".
  • Am I correct that the chatter.chatterbundle file is how the game handles both what files to look for in the folder and how they are used ingame? eg. how long a certain clip should be, when it will be played, how frequently it will be played, that sort of thing.
  • What purpose do the generic_spell_cast*_7000* files serve?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Right, so I figure it might be worth explaining more clearly what it is I am trying to do. Basically I'd like to make a custom voice set without overwriting any of the existing voice sets and possibly create a template others can use to create their own. So far I have this much working with some audio files taken from the mod POE1 Voice Packs by Diaaru:

This all works fine from what I have seen (ignoring the obvious lack of the voice lines for actions like Looting that are unique to Pillars 2) and is surprisingly simple to set up if anyone is interested.

Though I suspect that I am only scratching the surface of what can be done to make a voice mod. To that end I'm currently trying to figure out which of the audio files are actually used in the voice sets (& which aren't), and how possible it is to add more voice lines to specific actions should that be something I'd want to do (This I suspect can be done by adding entries to the chatter.chatterbundle, more on that later).

Since last week I have managed to find some answers to most of the questions in my previous post relating to file names. Except for what it is the files with "_v2," "_v3" actually do and if they are actually used.

The previously mentioned chatter.chatterbundle file is also still somewhat of a confusing thing to understand. Like I get that each Speaker object uses a GUID to point to a block of code that starts by picking out which audio files to use in the folder based on the suffixes defined by things in quotation marks like "ability_cast_interrupted_0022" and "battlecry_0029". But most of the code that follows I can't really make any sense of beyond it seeming like a carnival shell game where each file gets given a number, then that number is then grouped with another number corresponding to a similar use (Eg. "22" and "23" are both ability cast interrupts) under a different number("1000002"). I have tried a few stab in the dark attempts at adding entries for brand new files, but this hasn't yielded any success. I don't know really how to go about figuring out any of this works.

Anyway thanks for reading all that, any help would be appreciated.

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