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Game Breaking Questline Bug - Invitation to Animancy Hearing



Hopefully there are helpful people still reading this forum and there's a known fix for this. I am trying to complete Act 2, but I cannot get an invitation to attend the Animancy Hearing. I've read a variety of possible bad scenarios, but here's my specific one...

Save file was too big to put on this site, but the other files are attached here. All files can be found on Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lhqgwd8bt48hkz0/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20files.zip?dl=0

I'd prefer not to have to "burn bridges" to get around this if at all possible (if that would even work). Commander Clive is not giving me a dialog option to ask for an invitation to the Animancy Hearings. No one else is giving me an invitation either.

- I have Champion reputation with House Doemenel (HD) and Knights of the Crucible (KC), Hero with Defiance Bay, and Eccentric with The Dozen (TD).
- For HD, I completed A Two Story Job, but did not pick up The Changing of the Guard.
- For TD, I completed Rogue Knight, but did not pick up The Bronze Beneath the Lake.
- I aligned with KC by completing Built to Last and Winds of Steel. If it matters, Aranroed survived our encounter with TD at Anslog's Compass and left afterwards as far as I know. I killed all the forge knights, and I told Clive to keep working on them.
- For The Hermit of Hadret House, my current journal entry states:
--- "Lady Webb has asked me to keep her informed...
--- I told Lady Webb about the Leaden Key's work in Heritage Hill.
--- After running across Thaos in Brackenbury Sanitarium, ..."

Commander Clive currently says:
He smiles warmly. "What may I do for you?"
And I can reply with:
- "You're in charge of the Crucible Knights?"
- "Tell me about the Knights of the Crucible."

Lady Webb currently says:
"How fares your search?"
And I can reply with:
- "There is something I can tell you about Leaden Key's operation." > "Nevermind" (I already told her about Heritage Hill and Brackenbury Sanitarium.)
- Three questions about Thaos.
- A question about Leaden Key.
- "I have other questions." > 5 more questions

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