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A Question about the Tactician specialization and its targetting penalty

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So I'm playing around with builds, namely Fighters and the Tactician specialization caught my eye. My question: what exactly counts as "threatening" and enemy?
The Tactician class gains a penalty to Accuracy and Penetration when targeting enemies that are not threatened by an ally. The values are not given but I estimate that it's large enough for the penalty to matter. For example, will the penalty factor in when using spells to back line units and units not engaged by a tank. Is attacking a unit equivalent to threatening it?
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So let me get this straight: the 'threatened' trigger does not activate on 'Foe AoE' skills? Would that mean that the penalty from Tactician not apply to AoE skills? Well that's marvelous! Have there been any other tests? I'll dig around but I'm not sure where to look.

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