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Hey Obsidian, relabel your Outer Worlds forum already


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What? A Mystery? Speculation? Dreaming? Imagining? This is the place to test assumptions, gossip joyfully and speculate playfully about whatever The Outer Worlds might be …

We've known what it is for months. In fact, I'm pretty sure the forum appeared after we already knew what it was, so that description never made sense.

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They aren't so good at making website updates. This just isn't their forte.

If you keep this thread going for the next 5 years, you might learn that they've wanted to make the update but just aren't sure how. At least, that has been my experience.


Wait, what? They already made the update...? Well, rock on with your bad self!

"Now to find a home for my other staff."
My Project Eternity Interview with Adam Brennecke

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