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[SSS-spoiler] How many rewards do you have?

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Pics related.
I have got both Survivor's Turks and Slayer's Claw, but no Seeker Fang. Are you supposed to have more than 1 special reward?

Story: I fought 3 Slayer's combats, do Contest of the Slayer. I proceeded to Champion of the Hunt right after that and went on with the croc. Then I did the Survivor's 3 combats, and the Contest of the Survivor (Band of Bears) unlocked for me. I finished that, but no soul essence this time. Finally I continued on with Seeker's combats but the 4th wasn't there. 

This seems like a bug to me. I feel like you're supposed to have only one of the rewards. Is that so? 

Even if you can have all three 4th combats unlocked, this is still weird.



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Yeah, I was wondering about that. For me the option to do a second fight also appeared after completing SSS crit path. The whole thing feels odd, as the contenders are clearly dead at this point (their memory might have been summoned by crucible) and when you do your first combat the item is given to you by the crucible keeper, not at the end of combat - someone must have done some programming, for the fight which appears after Crit path drops loot after the encounter.

It does seem like a bug though, as you can't do all three of them. 

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